Online Counselling

Online counselling can help with a range of issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems, bereavement and discrimination to name but a few. But unlike face to face counselling, it can be more easily accessible and might feel less daunting if you have not experienced counselling before.  

I offer online counselling through e-mail and secure chat rooms where face-to-face facilities might not be available to you, if you feel more comfortable expressing yourself in writing or you would like to experience what counselling might be like before committing to face to face sessions.


We will first communicate through a series of e-mails that allow you to ask any questions you may have and me to get an idea of what you would like to discuss and what expectations you have. Together we can then decide if online counselling would be suitable for you and how to progress.

What you disclose in our online sessions will be confidential, unless I feel you are in danger of severely harming yourself or others. But please be aware that some issues might not be suitable for online work. Should these affect you, I will endeavour to refer you to a face to face counsellor or service that will be more helpful to you. Likewise, I do not work with anyone under the age of 18, but I can help finding a relevant counsellor or service.

All our exchanges will be conducted using Protonmail and Vsee, services that are known for their level of protection and encryption. They are free of charge and can be easily downloaded.



E-mail counselling: £25

IM counselling & video chat: £18 or £25 per 50 minute session